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How To Be a Good Friend
By Caitie

Chapter One:
Friends Don’t Fight

If your friend is fighting with you, say, “Stop.”

And if they don’t stop, tell an adult you can trust to help you. Do not fight back. Or forget about it. If you are playing a game and start to fight, play something else. If your friend says, “I need a break,” do not say, “Then obviously you’re not my friend.”

Say, “Okay.” And hug him or her.

Chapter Two:
Five Ways That I Am a Friend

1.) I try to share my toys with my friends.
2.) If I am in a fight with my friend, I talk it over.
3.) I say nice things to my friends like, “I love you.”
4.) I do not yell at them.
5.) I do not threaten them.

Chapter Three:
If Your Friend says, “Stop,” Stop

If your friend says, “Stop,” stop. Or your friend will think that you’re not listening to him or her. Like if you were doing something wrong at your friend’s house and your friend says, “Stop,” you should stop and listen to your friend if they say, “STOP!”

Chapter Four:
Three Ways to Be a Good Friend

1.) Say nice things.
2.) Say, “I love you.”
3.) Treat them how you want to be treated.



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