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Dr. Steve Frisch, Psy.D. is a clinical psychologist in private practice in
Chicago, Illinois and Northfield, Illinois.

You can contact Dr. Frisch, Psy.D. at
(847) 498-5611.

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Adult Survivors of Physical and
Sexual Trauma Therapy

Dr. Steve Frisch, Psy.D.

The Adult Survivors of Trauma counseling program is for individuals who live or have lived in families that were organized around the influences of drug and alcohol abuse, sexual and physical abuse, and/or emotional neglect. The program is a catalyst for healing and overcoming the aftereffects of living with the trauma and toxic impact of the abuse mentioned above. These aftereffects include but are not limited to substance abuse, depression, anxiety, low self-esteem, shame, and relationship issues.

The fundamental premise of my program is that you, as an individual who was abused, are a survivor rather than a victim. You have persevered despite often extreme interpersonal trauma and later abuse-related difficulties. You're not mentally ill or suffering from a defect, but rather your life has been shaped in part, by ongoing adaptation to a toxic environment. Thus, the primary goal of therapy is less your recovery than your continued growth and development. In this respect, therapy is a process that celebrates and utilizes the strengths and already existing skills you possess to move beyond your current level of adaptive functioning.

The unique characteristics and dynamics of interpersonal trauma demand a unique treatment approach individualized to your needs. In general, the process of resolution therapy for interpersonal abuse and trauma is of a long-term, rather than a short-term nature. Long-term treatment is seen as needed because of the generally pervasive effects of the abuse, the compounding of effects over time, and the complexities of post-traumatic responses. Because of the intensity of emotions inherent in trauma, uncovering must proceed at a pace that is tolerable to the survivor in order to insure that you can safely heal your emotional wounds.

Your healing process will be complete when you no longer feel contaminated by your thoughts and behavior patterns. Instead of the abuse exerting control over your life in eliciting maladaptive behavior patterns, you'll begin to take control of your life and make your feelings and thoughts conscious, enabling you to make choices rather than being internally driven or directed. You'll learn to trust yourself and your perceptions and not be afraid of taking risks in expressing and exploring yourself.

The ultimate outcome is when you're able to embrace life by reclaiming your personhood, your sexuality, and the unpolluted self which has been in hiding since commencement of the interpersonal trauma.

If you have any questions, please don't hesitate to contact me by e-mail at

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Special Free Online Reports Available

Aftereffects of Interpersonal Abuse and Trauma
By Dr. Steve Frisch, Psy.D.

Male Survivors of Sexual Abuse:
Aftereffects and The Healing Process

By Dr. Steve Frisch, Psy.D.

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