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Entering the World of Your Child:
How to Nurture the Spirit of Your Child

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Reviews of Entering the World of Your Child
Table of Contents For Entering the World of Your Child

Thank you for allowing me to enter your world.
But most important of all, thank you for teaching
me how to love you for who you are!


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Reviewed by Ken Andover

Psychologist Steve Frisch in Entering the World of Your Child teaches the reader to shift their  parenting style from fear-based, punitive parenting to a connection-based parenting style in which a child’s feelings and needs are placed at the center of the parent-child relationship. Although this parenting philosophy is not necessarily revolutionary, Dr. Frisch emphasizes that it is the quality of the parent-child connection that will best immunize your child from many of the pitfalls that await them in their lives--teen pregnancy, alcohol and drugs, violence, emotional disorders. Dr. Frisch stresses throughout this book that as a parent learns how to understand their children and what their children really needs emotionally, there is less need for more traditional rule-bound styles of parenting that relies on the power differential of the parent more than the ability of the parent to love, understand, and empower their child.

Reviewed by Marlene Robertson

In Entering the World of Your Child, psychologist Steve Frisch explores the emotional relationship between parents and children. Rejecting an authoritarian model of parenting, Dr. Frisch emphasizes that parents should be more concerned with the quality of the emotional bond parent and child share than it is to be concerned with how to control the behavior of a child. Dr. Frisch describes a process in which parents can establish a strong connection with their child as the parent empowers their child to recognize and address their feelings, recognize that dealing with their children’s emotions is an opportunity for intimacy, and listening empathetically will enable their child to open up to the parent. Entering the World of Your Child speaks to today's parents with answers to today's problems. Keys to connecting with your child are encouraging them to speak openly about their emotions, learning how to resolve conflict with your child, learning how to defuse your child’s acting out behavior, and teaching your child how to manage their emotions.

Reviewed by Ian Kelley

Entering the World of Your Child is a guide to building a relationship with your child based upon helping your child to understand their emotions and needs as well as empowering them to express them. Once they master this important life skill, emotionally empowered children will enjoy increased self-confidence, greater physical health, better performance in school, and healthier social relationships. Entering the World of Your Child teaches the reader a process that teaches how to: 1.) be aware of a child's emotions, 2.) recognize emotional expression as an opportunity for intimacy and teaching, 3.) listen empathetically and validate a child's feelings, 5.) help a child learn how to resolve interpersonal conflict by talking things out rather than acting things out. Written for parents of children of all ages, Entering the World of Your Child will enrich the bonds between parent and child and contribute immeasurably to the development of a generation of emotionally healthy adults.

Reviewed by Susan Klinger

Entering the World of Your Child is incredible. If you have children, grandchildren, nieces and nephews it's a must. All teachers, administrators, coaches, day care professionals, or anyone at all who works with or comes into contact with children would benefit greatly from reading this insightful book. There are so many ideas, all of which give adults the tools in being successful in raising loving, compassionate, considerate children. In this day and age of teen violence and confusion Dr. Frisch provides parents with the tools necessary to fight back. This book will affect parenting like Building Better Bridges affected relationships

Reviewed by Ronald Saphron

Entering the World of Your Child  provides some excellent advice to parents in child rearing. I only wish I had this book and knew about how to establish such an emotional connection when my children were first born. I am trying to incorporate the suggestions into dealing with my 11 year old boy and my 15 year old daughter.

Reviewed by Julie Ingram

I saw IMMEDIATE results when I applied the principles of Steve Frisch’s Entering the World of Your Child to my 8 year old daughter. Although I was initially skeptical about Dr. Frisch’s approach would work, not only did my 11 year old respond, but I have become more relaxed and more confident as a result. What Dr. Frisch has provided me is an alternative to a rule bound parenting style that relies on hard discipline—something that just wasn’t working.

Reviewed by Bill Ryan

Entering the World of Your Child is wonderful and introduces some alternative methods for disciplining and   nurturing my children. Dr. Frisch provides not only helpful  insights but the opportunity to develop my own understanding of the techniques he endorses. The methods introduced are very different than the anything I’ve been exposed to but I have begun to see a real difference in my attitudes towards my children by which has made all the difference in the world in their attitude towards me. I highly recommend this book if you are looking to do things differently.

Reviewed by Terry Gray

Like other titles written by Dr. Frisch, Entering the World of Your Child, is a helpful book that demystifies how to build a loving, respectful relationship. Dr. Frisch unlocks the emotional world of your child, to help you understand how to best reach your child. Emphasizing the emotions and needs of your child, you will learn how to create a connection with your child that will enable you to let you know your child better.


Dr. Steve Frisch, Psy.D. is a clinical psychologist in private practice in
Chicago, Illinois and Northfield, Illinois.

You can contact Dr. Frisch, Psy.D. at drfrisch@aliveandwellnews.com  or at
(847) 604-3290.

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